US Passed a Bill to Ban TikTok
It was very surprising that both parties were agreed on the bill to ban on the notorious app Tik Tok with 352 votes supporting it and only 65 against.

US Passed a Bill to Stop Tik Tok:

In history of American Law making it was very hard for Democratic and Republicans two main political parties in the US to agree on one point and It was very surprising that US passed a bill to ban TIK TOK in the US with 352 votes supporting it and only 65 against. This shows that how the US Parliamentary representatives in the America US taking Tik tok as a very notorious app for their people and feeling that this app is causing the threat to the national security and it is not acceptable at all

Crucial American Issues:

in the America there are a lot of other issues that needs attention of political parties like affordable healthcare, student loan forgiveness and Ukraine conflict but despite of all these crucial issue this bill to ban Tik Tok in America got a very broad support.

TikTok a Security Threat US Passed a Bill:

As per the bill it was directed to the TikTok's owners, ByteDance, to sell the social media platform by September; otherwise, it will be banned in the United States. Defenders of the bill highlighted that the Chinese government will access the data of nearly 170 million American users and it will cause a significant national security threat, allowing them to alter algorithms and control the content viewed by American users. Nancy Pelosi and many other lawmakers emphasized that this will cause a direct threat to national security, which is not tolerable.

A Move Against Chinese Influence:

America wants to limit china and wants to keep china less power so the action (US Passed a Bill) is a part of a series of American approach against Chinese interests, They're doing things like trying to control parts of the South China Sea, making friends with countries that don't like China, and stopping Chinese companies like Huawei from getting too big.

Unity under Deep Political Divisions

Despite of all political divisions, the bill got significant support. Many US representatives themselves have a big fan following on TikTok? but when we look into the matter deeply it becomes clear that this isn't only about America's national security but also Israel's national security concerns.

Shifts in Public Thinking:

Tik tok ban in US

After the October 7th attack, Israel wants to genocide the people of GAZA,. But now the people of western countries think differently a large number of young people took to the streets of Western countries, protested against the cruelty. Initially, Western allies and their supportive media outlets ignored these protests, then intimidated and threatened them, this made the protest stronger.

Questions of Ethics:

Some groups in the West that support Israel started asking questions. Young people in the West worried and getting upset by seeing Palestinians suffer so much. Seeing things like Israeli soldiers hurting Palestinian families and taking their homes was making young people feel sick and these young people really want to know what's really going on with the long fight between Israel and Palestine.

The Power of Making Decisions

Instead of answering these questions, powerful people in America like Jonathan Greenblatt declared Tik Tok as a big problem. where like other social media platforms the number of posts, videos and hash tags in the favour of Palestine is more that the support with Israel. Jonathan Greenblatt, So when they made the law about TikTok, they got help from big groups that support Israel, like the North American Jewish Federations.

How Money Influences Politics

Also, when we look at members of Congress like Mike Gallagher who made this law, we see they got a lot of money from a group called American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). During the last election, AIPAC gave them more money than anyone else. AIPAC worries about it spending a lot to support certain politicians that are in favour of Israel.


Some people, like American Jewish groups, are speaking out against AIPAC on social media. Even big news channels like MSNBC are talking about how AIPAC affects American politics. But still, the Israeli lobby has a big hold on American politics. Recently, Congress passed a law giving more money to Israel, and only some people disagreed. AIPAC's success in supporting certain politicians in the Democratic Party is surprising. It shows how money can have a big say in American politics.

So, the fuss over TikTok isn't just about an app. It's about a complex mix of groups trying to influence things, both in the US and around the world.

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