China Demanded to Investigate Bisham Attack
an investigation team of China reached in Islamabad at Beijing’s embassy to meet Interior Minister Mohsin Naqwi, the agenda of the meeting was to investigate on the suicide bomb attack in Bisham KPK on Tuesday

On Friday 29th March 2024 regarding the Bisham Attack in KPK further Latest development is that China demanded to investigate the Bisham attack that cause 5 Chinese Engineer killed, the Chinese investigation team reached in Islamabad at Beijing’s embassy to meet Interior Minister Mohsin Naqwi, the agenda of the meeting was to investigate on the suicide bomb attack in Bisham KPK on Tuesday in which the six people including five Chinese engineers and one their driver were killed.

As per the news reporting agencies the bus was attacked in Bisham City of KPK Shangla District by while the Chinese engineers were travelling from Islamabad to Dasu in Khyber Paktunkhwa where the hydroelectic dam is being constructed.

Sucide Attack in Bisham KPK 5 Chinese Engineer Killed.

China Demanded to Investigate into the matter and make sure the secuurity for its citizens and in response to it Pakistan Government has made a comittment to investigate on this deadly blast and will make accountable to the master minds and partners in crime.

Today's meeting agenda was to protect the Chinese personal and providing overall security to the project areas and institutions that was discussed in meeting, Interior Minister of Pakistan also meet with the Chinese ambassador and updated him on the ongoing investigation on this incident.

A representative of Chinese Foreign Ministry named as Lin Jian said that a special team from China worked together with the Chinese Embassy Official in Pakistan and relevant departments in response to the emergency.

Bai Tian who is the director of Forien Security Affairs of Ministry of Forieng Affairs of China Demanded to Investigate and asked from Pakistan to “thoroughly investigate the incident as soon as possible, properly handle the aftermath, effectively strengthen security measures, completely eliminate security risks, and make every effort to ensure the absolute safety of Chinese personnel, institutions and projects in Pakistan”,

In response Pakistan has made assured that we will carry out the full investigation and follow up on the security work on this deadly incident and will further make a full proof security protection to the Chinese personal and the areas of Chinese projects and the institutions will also be full protected.

In response to the Chinese demand the Government of Pakistan also decided to make a joint investigation team to find the culprits and master minds of the attacks.

A day ago it was said by the Foriegn office of Pakistan that attack was planned by the enemies of Pak-China Friendship. The Foriegn Ofiice made it cleared that will not impact the China-Pakistan Friendship and the CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The Chinese embassy said that General Sahir Shamshad Mirza from the Pakistani army visited to offer condolences for the attack. He expressed sadness for the victims and sympathy for their families. He promised to protect Chinese people, places, and projects in Pakistan and warned against anyone trying to harm the strong bond between Pakistan and China.

Chinese ambassador in Pakistan Jiang Zaidong thanked the CJCSC and urged Pakistan to “expeditiously advance the follow-up and handling of the incident to ensure that investigations and arrests of criminals are fruitful, counter-terrorism actions are taken, security measures are strengthened, terrorists are effectively punished and China-Pakistan friendship is maintained”.

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