Today’s World Breaking News-March 18, 2024
Top 5 Today World Latest Breaking News March 18, 2024.

Discover the World with The World's Echo Latest Update and Today's World Breaking News Regarding Regarding Security Forces Proceedings to Eliminate Terrorism from Pakistan, Presidential Elections of Russia, Viladimir Putin Success and Western World Criticisim on it and PSL 9 Today Final Match. Here are the brief overview of all the Today's World Breaking News.

1. North Wazirastan: Security Forces Killed Most Wanted Terrorist Commander including 8 more Terrorists.

in North Wazirastan during an operation by security forces Most wanted terrorist commander "Sehra" nick name "Janan" including 8 more terrorists have been killed

According to the Pak Army Public Relationship Department ISPR during mid night of 17 and 18 March we found the information of some terrorists in North Wazirastan and did the intellegence based operaton there

According to press release there were a very strong exchange of firring between Pak Army and Terrorists and in result of which 8 terrorists including most wanted commander has been killed.

2. Putin Elected 5th time the President of Russia with Heavy Majority:

Viladimir Putin got succeded in presidential election by getting 88 percent votes and on the other hand thousands of opponets protested in front of poling stations and denied to accept the results.

Putin came into power first time in 1999 and today he is re-elected as President of Russia 5th time for next 6 years. He defeated Josef Stalin and became the president and now Putin has become the most longer time President of Russia in last 200 years

These elections were held after 2 years from the order of Russian President to Attack on Ukarine and Putin's this step originated the fatal european conflict.

The presidential Elections were continued 3 days and during these three days the war was stopped but the Ukarine attached on the oil refinaries of Russia and bombed on several areas of Russia. Viladmeer Putin Responded that we will respond all these attacks.

3. Response of America and Western Countries on Putin Election as 5th President:

After the Election of Viladimir Putin as the 5th president of Russia, America and other western countries denied to accept the results and claimed that these elections are not free and fair.

America White House spokesperson of National Security consil said that the process of election was not free and fair as Putin has put his political opponents in prison and stopped rest of all to contest in elections

Ukarine President Voladymyr Zelenskyy said there is no use of such kind of elections as world knows that the Putin is abusing the power and trying to get the persistant powers to rule over the Russia. The Elections were based on Fraud and there is no use for such kind of election, There should be case proceedings agains putin in De Baig.

Germerny, British and Poland also declared the Elections in Russia based on un-justice, Fraud and abuse of Powers.

4. Today PSL 9 Final: Multan Sultan vs Islamabad United:

The Final match of PSL 9 between the Multan Sultan and Islamabad United will be played in National Bank Ground Karachi Today.

Multan Sultan is the winner team of PSL in 2019. Islamabad United also won two time the PSL tournament.

The captain of Multan Sultan Muhammad Rizwan said that he is happy from the performance of the team through out the tournament and he claimed that his team is best in all aspects and her team has to utilize all the skills and if they did so then the people of Multan and South Punjab will see a good Result.

The Captain of Islamabad United Shadab Khan said that he is proud on his team as the shows very good nerves throughout the tournament and performed very well.

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5. Putin Warneed Western Leaders of Third World War:

After Being Elected 5th time the President of Russia Putin Warned the Western Countries and said that the presence of western troops in Ukarine and interfereance of NATO are pushing us towards third world war.

in a victory speech on 17the March after being elected as President of Russia Putin rejected the criticisim on him by the western countries and further he told his supporters that he expected the same.They are against us and they want to limit our progress.

Putin Said it is his utmost priority to make sure that the Ukarine Border with Russia should be safe from the attacks of Ukarine Allies Forces, He Further Said as a President first of all he will tackle with the Ukarine war and will make the Army and Defence Strong.

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