Surprising Benefits of Melon on Health You May not Know.
Melon is very beneficial for health it has several surprising benefits on health. Now a day in the Month of Ramazan Melon is a very easily available seet and fresh fruit in the market

Surprising Benefits of Melon.

Melon is very beneficial for health, there are several Surprising Benefits of Melon on Health, that we will discuss in this blog one by onw. Now a days in the Month of Ramazan Melon is a very easily available seet and fresh fruit in the market

There are different kinds of melons available in the market and all the kinds are very sweet and fresh and people of all ages enjoy it

Composition of Melon:

As per Nutritionists the miniral composition of Melon is in 100 grams of Melon there are 32 calories of energy and there is no fat and colesterol in this fruit. Sodium 16 mg, carbohydrates 8 g, fiber 3 percent, protein 1 percent, vitamen A 67 Percent, Vitamen C 61 Percent, vitamen B 56 Percent and Magnasium 3 percent and water 95.2 percent.

If Melon is Not Swet What to do?

At the time of buying melon it is very difficult to say that would it be sweet or not, but if you found the its taste faded, cut the melon into small pieces and blend it in blender with some dates and mint, you can enjoy the tasty melon juice. Some people eat the faded melon by putting some sugar on it it is not the right way to eat the melon.

There are some Surprising Benefits of Melon lets know one by one

Melon Quinch the Thirst:

now a day in Ramadan Melon is very useful to quinch the thirst and it fulfill the deficiency of water in the body

Sufficient amount of water in melon gives us the sense of cool mint in our body and quinch the thirst, that's why it can be used to reduce the chest burn issue and to clean naturally the kidneys.

As per doctors the regular use of Melon in the Summer season reduces the heat wave and fulfil the deficiency of water in the human body

Melon is the Beauty of Dinning:

Melon can be put on Dinning Table as a high calories snakes and desert as well.

Melon Prevents Heat Wave:

The use of Melon provides the nutrition, required water quantity to the body protects our body from the harmful affects of heat wave and a person feels fresh and energatic.

Melon Enhances Hair Growth:

The Melons are very useful for the growth of hairs becaus in Melon there is vitamen C and vitamen C is produces seebum in the body and seebum helps in growth of hairs and maintain the level of humidity in the hairs

Melon Prevents Constipation:

In Melon there is a sufficient amont of fiber that helps to prevent constipation and improve the movements of intertines, those who have the complaint of constipation should use this fruit.

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