General Elections in India on 19th April
The biggest Elections in the world in India will be held on 18th April in 7 steps and the final results will be declared on 4 june 2024.

General Elections In India Date Announced:

The biggest General Elections in India will be held on 19th April in 7 steps and the final results will be declared on 4 june 2024.

According to the reports of authentic news agencies the Election Commission of India in a News conference on 16th March has announced the election schedule consisting on 7 steps and and announced that the general elections will be held on 19th April.

Biggest Elections of The World:

According to the statistics of Pol Panel the population of india is more than the collective population of America, Europe Union, Russia, Pakistan, Indonessia, South Africa and Mexico. about 0.97 billion people has the right to cast their vote.

According to the election commission of india for 1 million poling station 1.5 million poling agents will be deployed

General Elections in India in 7 Steps:

The first round of Parlimentary Elections will be he held on 19th April and the second round will be held on 26th April and third round will be 7 may and fourth round will be on 13 may and fifth round will be on 20th may and 6th round will be on 25the may and 7th round will be on first june

India The Best Example of Democracy in The World:

Election Commissioner of India Rajiv Kummar while announcing the date of elections said that we will bring the democracy in each and every corner of India and will conduct the elections in such a way that India will rise an example of Democarcy in front of world.

BJP and NDA are Allies:

Second time elected Prime Minister Narender Modi of Bharti Janta Party (BJP) who is hopefull for his re-election as a PM for third time will try to secure 370 seats in parliment out of 543 and his Allie party National Democratic Alliance (NDA) also required more than 400 seats

BJP Secured 303 seats in 2019 elections and that were the highest seats secured by Hindu National Party formed in 1980

Parties Against Narender Modi:

Against Narender Modi there are about more than two dozen of opposition parties that are called INDIA or (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance) also that are headed by the indian National Congress

Narender Modi Electoral Campaign is on Peak.

Before announcement of election schedule Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi and the workers of his Party has already started the campaign, Indian Prime Minister are going to differenct cities of country and opening different new development projects and participating in different religious ceremonies and addressing to difference official and private meetings.

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