Imran demands Treason Cases against Mendate Theives
The founder of PTI Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan demanded for the Cases against Mendate Theives under article 6 against the Medate Thieves.

Protest Infornt of IMF in US:

A day after the protest against the rigging in Feb 8, 2024 elections in front of IMF International Monetry Fund headquarter in US United States the founder of PTI Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan demanded for the Cases against Mendate Theives under article 6 against the Medate Thieves.

In the informal discussion with reporters in courtroom after the hearing of Al Qadir Trust Case Ex-PM Imran Khan spoke in the fovour of the protest infront of IMF Head quarter but he distance himself from the anti army slogens from the protesters.

Khan's called Rigging in Election 2024 as Treason with Pakistan:

Imran khan claimed that his party got 30 million votes alone and rest of all parties got the same altogather

Imran said we raised the issue of irregularties in Election 2024 infront of IMF and a lot of unofficial organizations have pointed out the defects in election process

He further said firstly by a conspiracy PTI Kept deprived from its Electoral symbol "BAT" and after that the PTI has kept deprived from its right of reseved seats as well. This theft of Mendate is eqivalent to the treason with Pakistan and demanded treason Cases against Mendate Theives

Khan said that election of 8 Feb was also fixed in which the Election commision and care taker set up were togather. According to Imran Khan Election commission and few parties sabotage the Plan of bringing Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)

PTI Battle for Reserved Seats:

Imran Khan said that we will challenge the decision of Peshawar high court (PHC) in the Supreme Court of Pakistan as Election Comission of Pakistan Cannot distribute the reseved seats of PTI among other parties

Khan's Point of View on Senate Elections:

Founder of PTI said the the upcomming Sanate elections are already fixed and he claimed that to appoint Mohsin Naqvi as a Federal Interior Minister is the reward to him for crackdown against PTI in Punjab when he was the care taker cheif minister of Punjab.

in a response to a question for the coalition with the government Imran Khan said that it depends on the audit of electoral results with Justice.

Imran Khan and His Legal Bettle:

He Further said that if Islamabad High Cout (IHC) grants him the bails in Saifer case and Toshakhana case then in AL-Qadir Trust case he can be sentenced.

Imran Khan's Point of View on Economy of Pakistan:

While discussing on economy Imran Khan said that due to week economy the government will not be strong, Imran Khan disagree with the claims against PTI government to reach the Pakistan to default

According to Imran Khan in 2018 Muslim League (N) PML-N has left the deficit of 20 billion dollar so that's why there was no option to approach IMF for loan

He said that Government has no mandate for structural reforms and they should only take the loan if they can refind it

Ali Amin Gandapur Last Meeting with PM Shehbaz:

While discussinc on Ali Amin Ganda Pur, PTI Leader, who is the CM KPK as well Imran Khan said that Ali Amin should not conduct the photo session with PM Shehbaz Shareef and expressed his doubt that Federal Government will not give the funds of KPK.

Court Hearing on AL-Qadir Trust Case:

While Court hearing the advocate of Imran Khan completed his debate on the witness of prosecution that was the cheif financial officer of AL-Qadir Trust.

the judge of Accountability court also conclude the testimony of another witness of prosecution

During the hearing the Imran Khan, Bushra BiBI her daughter and son in law were also present in courtroom and the hearing is adjourned till 20th March.

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