PTI Nominates Omar Ayub as PM Candidate | The World Echo

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, in a move likely to further stir the political pot, has nominated party general secretary Omar Ayub Khan as its candidate for prime minister. This announcement comes amidst post-election deal-making and allegations of rigging from various parties.

The decision was revealed by PTI leader Asad Qaiser after meeting with the imprisoned Imran Khan at Adiala Jail. Ayub, currently facing over 20 criminal charges and in hiding, is a controversial choice.

Khan also plans to mobilize nationwide protests against the alleged rigging, calling the February 8th polls "the worst in Pakistan's history." He has tasked Qaiser with reaching out to other parties protesting the results, including JUI-F, ANP, and QWP.

Meanwhile, PTI-backed candidates who won the elections will not resign, and the party plans to hold a parliamentary session soon. Additionally, Khan criticized the US for its statements on the elections, urging them to pressure those involved in rigging instead of issuing "cosmetic statements."

This announcement adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing political turmoil in Pakistan. With PTI refusing to accept the election results and planning protests, the formation of a stable government remains uncertain. Ayub's nomination as PM candidate, considering his legal troubles, further raises questions about the party's strategy and potential future alliances.

It remains to be seen how other parties will respond to Khan's call for protests and how the international community reacts to the allegations of rigging. The coming days and weeks will be crucial in determining the direction of Pakistani politics.

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