PTI Denied Power Sharing, Vows Opposition
PTI' denied power sharing with PPP, PML-N, or MQM. Focuses on strong opposition until complete mandate is attained said PTI Chairman Gohar.

In a recent development, Barrister Gohar, Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI denied power sharing. has made significant statements regarding the party's stance on power-sharing and its future political trajectory.

Opted Strong Opposition, PTI denied power sharing:

Gohar strongly said that PTI denied power sharing with big political groups like PPP, PML-N, or MQM to share power. He explained that PTI's main focus isn't about sharing power but being a strong opposition until they win a full electoral mandate.

Gohar said that even though other political groups tried to team up with PTI, the party firmly denied to sharing power, following instructions from its leaders.

PTI's Electoral Achievements:

Gohar pointed out that PTI has won a big 180 seats in elections and is fighting hard to protect its win from claims of cheating. He stressed the need for quick decisions from the Election Commission and courts on the 70 disputed areas to stop any government formed on fake votes. Additionally, Salman Akram Raja's legal talk is expected to explain the election arguments, with a request for lots of media attention.

Discussions on Government Formation:

PTI leaders talked outside Adiala Jail about making governments, especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and discussed the detailed talks happening for forming governments in the federal and Punjab provinces

Gohar shared PTI's picks for important roles, like Mian Islam for Chief Minister in Punjab , Salar for Chief Minister in Balochistan and Umar Ayub for PM Candidate He also revealed the candidates for Speaker and Deputy Speaker roles in KP, with more announcements expected soon for the central province.

PTI Denied Power Sharing Upholding Democratic Values:

He repeated that PTI's main focus is on helping the people, keeping democracy strong, and making sure elections are fair. He stressed that PTI will keep up strong opposition until they win a clear mandate. Gohar believes PTI can form governments in KP, Punjab, and nationally, but wants the courts to decide quickly on election issues.

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