Backed Independents Join Sunni Ittehad Council | The World Echo

Pakistan's political landscape continues to shift following the February 8th general elections, with the latest development being the announcement by PTI leader Barrister Gohar Ali Khan. He revealed that party-backed independent candidates who won seats in the National Assembly and provincial assemblies will join the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC). This move is seen as a strategic maneuver by the PTI to bolster its parliamentary strength and influence.


The decision comes after PTI emerged as the single largest party in the polls, but fell short of a clear majority. To form a government, they require support from smaller parties and independents. The SIC, representing Sunni Muslims, holds significant influence in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, provinces where PTI performed well.

While the exact number of PTI-backed independents joining the SIC is yet to be confirmed, estimates suggest it could be around 20-30 seats. This would provide a crucial boost to PTI's numbers, potentially bringing them closer to forming a government or at least exerting greater bargaining power in negotiations.

However, the move is not without its critics. Some view it as an attempt by PTI to exploit sectarian affiliations for political gain, raising concerns about the potential influence of religious groups on policymaking. Others worry that this alliance could further polarize Pakistani politics.

The SIC itself has extended "unconditional support" to PTI, but the final decision on policy matters will rest with party leader Imran Khan. This raises questions about the level of autonomy the independents will have within the council and the potential impact on PTI's own ideological stance.

It remains to be seen how this development will play out in the complex political landscape of Pakistan. While it may provide PTI with a path to forming a government, it also carries the risk of deepening existing divisions and raising concerns about the role of religion in politics. Only time will tell if this alliance proves to be a strategic masterstroke or a gamble that backfires.

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